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Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum

1pcs Vacuum Silicone Cupping Helper Anti Cellulite Cups Family Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Suction Body Massage

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[Product Name] Silicone Cup Cup
[Product structure] This set of products has 4 size models, each size has 5 colors, respectively 90g, 40g, 17g, 2 ~ 3g. Large products: 70mm diameter mouth, 80mm height; second size products: irrigation Mouth diameter 55mm, height 55mm; No. 3 size product: 37mm mouth diameter, 80mm height; smallest product: 15mm mouth diameter, 50mm height;
[Product Features] Environmentally friendly materials, no adverse irritation to the skin; safe and reliable, without the worry of burns and scratches; easy to operate, can be cupped by yourself anytime, anywhere; strong suction, easy to be carried away without falling; tough and durable, easy to clean and disinfect;
[Function and scope of application]
Cupping has the effects of clearing the channels and clearing collaterals, promoting blood circulation and analgesic, reducing swelling and dissolving knots, removing wind and paralysis, dehumidifying and relieving fever, detoxifying and purging, detoxifying and purging. In modern medical research, cupping therapy can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve immunity, regulate tissues and alleviate body pain, and also have a two-way benign regulatory effect on heart rate, blood circulation, blood pressure, breathing, nerves, and endocrine systems. Widely used in family personal health care, physical therapy, beauty, etc., and can also be used as an auxiliary tool for clinical prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
I. Suction tank method
1. Pressing the suction tank method: Hold the mouth of the portable tank close to the treatment site, press the handle of the tank with your fingers or palm to let the air out of the tank, and then release the negative pressure. You can suck it in and press 2-3 repeatedly. To adjust suction.
2. Reversing suction tank method: Turn the mouth of the portable tank toward the handle of the tank, then place the bottom of the tank close to the treatment site, and then restore the flipped shape to suck up. This method has a stronger adsorption force than pressing the suction tank.
2, canning method
1. Direct can lift method: Grasp the handle of the can and lift the carry can away from the skin directly. This method is suitable for cases where the subject has no skin lesions, has good skin tolerance, and weak adsorption. It is often used in flash tanks.
2, side can lift method: press the can handle without moving, slowly open from the side of the mouth. This method is suitable for people with skin lesions or poor skin tolerance, such as the elderly, children, and other people, often used when leaving the tank.
3. Cupping Therapy
1. Flash tank: After the tank is adsorbed on the treatment site, immediately lift it up and down, and suck and pull it repeatedly until the skin flushes.
2. Retention: After cupping, leave it for a certain period of time, usually 10-20 minutes. The length of time should depend on the tolerability and condition of the subject.
3. Pushing the tank (also known as walking the tank): Generally, it is used for areas with large areas and thick muscles, such as the lower back, abdomen, and thighs. Hold the handle of the jar and slowly push it, so that you can push and pull up and down or left and right on the surface of the skin several times until the skin is flushed.
4. Lifting the jar: After sucking the jar up, grab the jar by hand, pull the skin upwards, take the mouth of the jar away from the skin, relax and return to the original state, and pull it back and forth repeatedly, gently and evenly until the skin appears Sore blood.
Fourth, cupping parts: Except for the face which is easy to leave bruises such as face and privacy, etc., other parts of the body can be used.
5, use time: once a day, alternating acupoints, 7-10 days for a course of treatment, the interval of 3-5 days, and then the second course of treatment.
1. Reasonable design, extended thickness, designed for women who are afraid of pain, increase the contact area with the skin and reduce pain
2. Adopt imported medical basic silicone, non-toxic, safe, sanitary, environmental protection, healthy and reusable.
3. Thicker tank body: 4 times thicker than ordinary tank body, with good toughness, elasticity, safety, and durability.
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
Health Care Massage Face Neck Medical Pump Vacuum Silicone
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